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Falls Awareness Video

Did you know that falls are a leading cause of injury among older adults? But here's the good news: they are largely preventable! ???? Join us in raising awareness about falls prevention and taking steps to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.




We have created this falls awareness video to highlight everyday household items that you might not be aware are actually a falls risk. It can be hard to identify the risks until after you've had a fall. We hope you enjoy these videos, and test yourself to see how many you were able to spot.

Watch this first video from our prevention team, and see how many fall risks you can spot, you will find the answers in the second video.

How did you do?? We hope you were able to identify the majority of falls risks from the first video - check the second one out below to see how many you noticed:

We would like to thank Scottish Fire and Rescue centre for the use of their training house, our wonderful volunteer actor Gerry and videographers Boryana Campbell and Ciaran Donnelly from Fibonacci's One Entertainment - who so kindly donated their services to us. It would not have been possible for us to create this training video without the input of you all.