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Transforming the lives of older people, through companionship, exercise and fun

At Roar we know you are the kind of people who want to remain busy, active and fit as you age. You’ll also want this for your friends, relatives and close family members. In order to keep socially and physically active, you need support, advice and help, especially with preventing falls.
The problem is, you know this, but how do you convince your elderly relative to recognise they may need help? This can make you feel frustrated and powerless.

We’re here to understand you

There are many opportunities to stay socially connected and physically active. We understand loneliness affects people of all ages. We understand poor mobility and falls lead to loneliness and subsequent isolation.  We understand frailty can sneak up on you.

We have 10 years’ experience

With over a decade of experience, our highly experienced team works with hundreds of older adults across the whole of Renfrewshire. Understanding the problems of loneliness, social isolation and falls prevention in old age has led us to success, both in working across the generations and providing that crucial one to one support. We offer a wide range of services to help with a myriad of aging issues.

We are proud to support our community

We are so proud of the impact of our work across Renfrewshire, so please watch this short video and see for yourself just how we could support you, or a member of your family. 

Here’s how it works

Simply visit Request a Service, Volunteer or call us on 0141 889 7481 and stop worrying about a poor-quality old age and start empowering yourself and others to enjoy their senior years.

Through training her on how to use a Tablet, Roar have opened up the world to my client and immensely improved her quality of life

— Marilyn, Health Care Professional

Volunteering with Roar gives me a sense of purpose. I enjoy working with older adults, and I like to think we both benefit from the experience. I am a befriender, an iPad supporter and I also help at the various groups Roar run. The staff are very supportive and make me feel included and that my work is worthwhile

— Rosemary, Volunteer

As a volunteer, I have received lots of training and I enjoy doing Footcare, OTAGO, telephone befriending and online courses. I am motivated to help older adults and to make a difference, even small things can have an such an impact. It’s great to do something for those who need it, and all the volunteers look out for each other and work together as a great team

— Gerry, Volunteer