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Falls Prevention Awareness Week 2023

At Roar, we are committed to empowering older adults in Renfrewshire to reduce their risk of falls - which is why we have a jam packed week of falls related activity at our clubs this week...and more. 

It's Falls Prevention Awareness Week 2023, and we want you and your older relatives, friends and neighbours to know that frailty and falls can be preventable, and there are things we can all do to reduce the risk of falling in older age.

If you, or your older relative would like any advice or information on reducing the risk of falling, please contact us – we would love to chat. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to have a friendly chat and offer advice – at no cost to you.

We also have an NHS Advice leaflet you can download on this page - please take a look. 

We have lots going on this week at our clubs and services, with lots of falls reducing related activity happening across Renfrewshire!

From strength and balance exercises to help keep you active in the community, to checking your walking aids are the right height and aren’t worn away, to showing you how to get up off the floor safely when you do have a fall.


We also have our fantastic new ‘Stronger For Longer’ programme, offering those aged 65+ the tools to help prevent home accidents and falls, giving you or your older relative the confidence to take the next steps back into socialising and enjoying later life.

This completely personalised programme offers you an opportunity to talk confidentially to one of our qualified staff who will listen to you, understand any challenges you or your older relative are experiencing and help find solutions that will work for you.


We can come to chat with you at your home or arrange for you to come to us.


Research has proved that strength and balance can be improved at any age, and with our guidance and your dedication, we can work together to improve your physical and mental wellbeing - Keeping you Stronger For Longer.


What else is going on in your area?