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Success for Roar at the Generations Working Together Excellence Awards 2023!

Roar was presented with the award for "Tackling Age Discrimination And Stereotypes" at the International GWT Conference last month, and we couldn't be prouder to be recognised for the work on our 'Roar Do Digital' project. 

Generations Working Together recognises that connections between generations in the spaces and places around us is an essential part of our collective recovery. This award recognises projects that make creative use of spaces and places to connect generations in mutually beneficial relationships.

Over the past year, Roar has been working in partnership with pupils from local High Schools to deliver digital training to older adults. The pupils training included teaching older adults basic but essential digital skills such as how to order food online, accessing news and spotting fake news, internet safety, social media and video calling, emailing and watching TV online. 

The overall goal of the project was to enhance digital inclusion in Renfrewshire and break down barriers and stereotypes between different generations, allowing both younger and older members of our community to gain confidence in communicating and interacting with each other.

We were absolutely thrilled with how well the project ran, and pupils, teachers and our older adults absolutely loved being part of it!

We would love you to watch this fabulous video that showcases our success! Well done to everyone involved.