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Health & wellbeing programmes

Our Renfrewshire network of clubs is an opportunity for older adults (predominantly age 65+) to meet people, socialise and laugh whilst investing in their physical and mental health through life-affirming wellbeing projects.


Roar Do Feet

Please note we do not do home visits

Unfortunately, we have no appointments available for new clients at this time. Please check back again soon. 

For more information on other agencies that deliver personal footcare, please download the leaflet on this page. 



Our Personal Grooming Foot Care Service will keep your toenails neat – happy feet, happy face! 

Cutting toenails is essential to keep them neat to avoid ingrown toenails and infections. Not only has everyone been stuck at home unable to visit a podiatrist or clinic, what if you can’t reach your feet to take care of your own toenails? As we age, we become less flexible and there are a variety of reasons we can no longer reach to cut our toenails. From excess weight and joint pains, to disability or injury, there are many reasons why an older person is unable to carry out essential footcare.

Regular toenail cutting is essential to prevent toenails becoming thickened and hardened and here at Roar, we know how important these maintenance services are to older people. We are supported by the NHS to be competent to cut toenails and give a welcome foot rub.

Roar Do Feet clinics are up and running again in a number of venues around Renfrewshire. Please note we are unable to offer home visits. 

If you are interested in this service, please fill in a service request form found on our homepage, or call us on 0141 889 7481 to chat through our criteria. 

*The cost will normally be £13 per appointment with an additional £12 (one off charge) for a foot care pack on your 1st appointment.